About Me

Am I married ? I most certainly am and have been for over 20 years now, and in all honesty I think we both deserve a medal !.lol
My Husband Alan (Al) and I love the simple things in life. and look forward to sharing many more prawns and glasses of champagne together, especially when we get that trusty little caravan ( one day) and go exploring this great country of ours…..oh and we are both mad dog lovers !!, couldn’t imagine life without a fur baby.

We also own and operate our beautiful little venue called At Stella’s, which we refer to as “the little gem in the heart of the Gold Coast Hinterland.”  We cater for Elopements and small intimate boutique weddings for up to 40 people . You can find us here www.atstellas.com.au.

As for me personally….. I believe that I am a people person, having been in the hairdressing business from the tender age of 16, which led me to owning my own salon for 7 years so, as you can imagine, I have heard it all! (And have become very skilled at listening). Having also worked in sales and marketing, the hospitality trade and the infamous “Dracula’s Theatre Restaurant” on the Gold Coast, it has been a wonderful journey into understanding the many facets of people’s personalities.

I will always remain totally committed to providing every couple with my professional, reliable service and look forward to helping you make your wedding day the special occasion you want it to be. My aim, as your Celebrant, is to ensure that this celebration of love is a magnificent day that you will remember forever and it must totally reflect your dynamic as a couple. I cannot do “copy and paste” and fill in the names , it’s just not how I roll. It HAS to be personal After all, it all starts at the ceremony right ..so make your ceremony matter and allow me make it amazing for you
So I guess its true to say Im utterly, totally and completely addicted to Love

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