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March 2015 . . . What, already!!!

Seriously!!!!!! . . . I swear it was only Christmas a couple of weeks ago!! lol . . . Apparently not!! It is already towards the end of March and the Gold Coast Wedding scene is into full swing for 2015.

I always find March and October are the most popular months for Weddings, and this year is proving to be a Massive March with 20 plus couples saying I Do !!

It’s then straight into Easter and we are off and racing again . . . As they say, no rest for the wicked huh!!
Being a wedding celebrant, I know I have said this many times before but being chosen as your celebrant to be a part of you, the couple’s special day of love, is such an honour for me. I do take your marriage personally and seriously and make the promise to you both, that I will go above and beyond to give you the wedding ceremony that suits you. I take so much pride in what I do and have so much respect for what you wedding day vows mean to you, the couples . . . The celebrant in me must be doing something right. I am one proud Gold Coast Wedding celebrant being named an ABIA finalist for the last 3 years and Runner Up for Celebrant Of The Year 2014/15. This was such a satisfying achievement for me because I really do love what I do and acknowledgement for that is special, very special. It’s more special because it’s you, the Brides who do the voting and critiquing, not a panel of judges. If you Brides are not happy then you will let it be known and of course you should let it be known as there has been so much you have had to do to make sure this day is perfect! I get that! I love what I do.

Now I really would like to bring something to your attention. I know I always say that your Wedding day should be a day of Love and Laughter, and the ceremony certainly does not have to be “boring “ in any way, however, there are serious and emotional moments, that should be both respected and enjoyed. You are getting Married after. That is special, Very special! I am not the sort of person/celebrant to turn your wedding into some form of show or comedy act! No, I don’t tell “jokes“ at your wedding. No, Its not about me! It’s about the two of you, the Bride & Groom! It’s your day and it’s up to me to present your beautiful marriage and celebration of love the best way I can, so everyone enjoys your wedding ceremony and genuinely “feels” the words of your vows as you say them. I am not there to turn your wedding ceremony into a sideshow alley. That certainly doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun, love and laughter all the way and with taste and style I say.

It’s such a huge honour as a Gold Coast Wedding Celebrant to be recommended in over 30 Gold Coast and Northern NSW Wedding establishment, as a preferred Supplier or marriage Celebrant of choice. Thankyou to all you wonderful coordinators who have put your faith and trust in me, I am one very grateful, thankful and honoured wedding celebrant.

I am having a pricing restructure of my wedding packages that will take effect as of the 1st July 2015. I will also be introducing my new “New Platinum Package”. This is the “ultimate” in my packages so stay tuned for the new arrival and all its very special added features.

For an “Early Bird” special, please take advantage to book me in over the next few months at the current prices. There are quite a few booking already for 2016, so if you want to book your wedding with me for then I will lock you in at the current 2015 price.

There will be lots of changing and new upgrades to my website over the next few months….its time we had a revamp!!! Lol

So, giddy up 2015, we are ready for you. Stay happy, healthy and all loved up and remember, “I do what I love and Love what I Do!” . . . Life is good! J

Tarn xx